Dynex SD

Dynex SD®

At Tarkett, our design and development teams are passionate about both the art, and the science behind creating beautiful, high-performance floorcoverings. That’s why, for more than 20 years, we’ve produced the Dynex SD® premium fiber system. This proprietary, branded yarn allows us to provide extensive quality control, innovative performance enhancements, and forward-looking color palettes. From start to finish and top to bottom, Tarkett North America creates every component of its soft-surface products in Calhoun and Dalton, Georgia—delivering a fully integrated, locally sourced solution that our customers can depend on.

The building blocks of beautiful carpet.

Just as the triangle is the strongest architectural shape, we determined the ideal cross section for carpet fiber is a modified delta—similar to a triangle, but with shorter sides. The next challenge in carpet fiber is maintaining that original shape over time, as measured by a product’s Modification Ratio (MR). Dynex SD is intentionally designed with an MR of 2.1, which optimizes its resistance to crushing and matting—and places it among the industry’s best in class for commercial environments.

Permanent stain resistance - it's baked in.

Unlike topical treatments that can be worn off by foot traffic and washed off by maintenance activities, the stain resistance properties of Dynex SD are a permanent component of the fiber’s chemical structure. Here’s how our chemical engineers explained it:

  • Regular nylon has a positive charge, which attracts negatively charged staining agents. (This includes most food and beverages.)
  • Through a process called sulfonation, we can reverse the fiber’s polarity to a negative charge, causing it to repel staining agents.
  • As a result, Tarkett is able to offer a LIFETIME LIMITED warranty for stain resistance on all Tarkett Powerbond® and modular carpet designs made with Dynex SD.


In addition to having permanent stain resistant properties, Dynex SD fibers are treated with Eco-Ensure™ soil resistance technology to simplify the regular cleaning process. This proprietary, fluorine-free formula is Cradle to Cradle Certified® Platinum in the Material Health Category.

Dynex SD is 100% solution-dyed to conserve water resources. All Powerbond® and ethos® Modular carpet designs produced by Tarkett North America are also certified Carbonfree® by Carbonfund Foundation.